Approaching the Victims Room…..




Hey guys! Hai again, are you ready for another round of halloween themes? Loads of hunts going on right now, free gifts, given out tons of fun! i am baking halloween cookies today and carving a pumpkin! Hope you all have fun today! –


Credits Here:

*Indicates was given generously by the creator (thank you!)

Skin: Andrea-Witch-(Halloween) – *LpD* (1L)
Eyes: Witch Eyes-*LpD* (comes with the skin)
*Teeth-Liya Skin (Teeth) Reila Skins
Blood Tattoo: Bloodie.x1-*JeSyLiLO* (Pumpkins Hunt-Fee To Join Group)
Nails: Evil Bunny-Studio Nails – (Free BOo Bunny Hunt)
Tounge: Lickin Candy- Candy Nail (free @ halloween Market)
Hair:  Blood- Faint- Magika (free Halloween Gift)
Corset- Mesh Corset-Stripes -Shadow Moon (Free BOo Bunny Hunt)
Pants: Orange jeans-Shmh – Lushish Cats (free BOo Bunny Hunt)
Shoes: Ankle boots-Black- Stripes (part of set) – Shadow Moon (free BOo Bunny Hunt)
Necklace- Itsy Bitsy Spider Collar -Chop Zuey- (Free Group Gift)
Backpack: Halloween Backpack- Lavandachic (5l’s @ Halloween Market)
Owl- Owl-lee-Plush Owl (Mesh)- ~Silent Sparrow~  (not free 100l’s)
Pumpkins: Kabocha 2012- **Tetora** (Gift to me by the creator)
*Pose-MSW08- Aushaka&Co


Skin: Enchanted Halloween Skin- Angeldust (free Angeldust Sim Hunt)
Eyes:-Eyes Intense-Sexy Goblin (part of set) -AngelDust  (Free Angeldust Sim Hunt)
*Teeth-Liya Skin (teeth) – Reila Skins
Hair: Avalon-.:Lupoaica – (Free TWHH)
*Shirt-Bug Friend-Halloween Tees (Mesh)-Cracked Mirror
Skirt: Suzana Halloween Skirt- Azul (Group Gift- FREE)
Tights: Sexy Goblin Tights- Angeldust (free Angeldust Sim Hunt)
Shoes:   Pumpkin Outfit shoes (part of set) – NS: (Free Group Gift)
Necklace- A Witches Web-.:JoJo.:- (free TWHH)
Ring-Pumpkin Ring-Baubles! By Phe (Surreal Halloween Hunt $1L)
Bracelets: Batty Bub & Pumpkin Baub- Baubles! By Phe (Surreal Halloween Hunt 1L)
Duck- Old Amigurum Duck Kuronekotyan- Hako (free Halloween Hunt)
Candy Bucket- Treat Bucket -2012 – Schadenfreude (free!)
*Pose-Focus Poses – Model 87

Skin- Skyler -Halloween- Rockberry – (Free Group Gift)
Bloood/Scars- Bloody Wounds -Grafitti Wear – (TOT hunt Free)
*Tattoo-Undead Perfection Ensemble- Pidddle -(New @Cinema)
*Nails-Undead Perfection ensemble- Pididdle (NEW @ Cinema)
*Mask-Undead Perfection Ensemble –  Pididdle(NEW @Cinema)
*Bpdy Suit-Undead Perfection Ensemble- Piddidle (NEW @ Cinema)
Shirt-Halloween cat Shirt – Schoen (Free Lucky Board @ Halloween Market)
Slippers- Pumpkin Halloween Cutes Slippers-Irrisistable (Free MM Board)
Pose=DOI pose 4-Anamoto (free DR Hunt)



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