Get to the Fair…The World Goth Fair ..SOON!

Hey guys, How are you, sorry it’s been so long since i’ve blogged! I got really sick and couldn’t blog! Today i wanted to show you some items again from the world goth fair (furniture) items! Remember all proceeds go to Sophie Lancaster Foundation! So you better come check it out, (sorry for the crappy photo my computer can’t handle spectacular photos!)


The items are as following:

Sea Witches Throne- Curvasive –

This item is pretty cool, i mean who doesn’t love disney villains! I KNOW i absolutely do, and this is pretty cool to be after that. it’s got female and male poses in it!

the next little plant im standing by (with a plushberry pose- is a small cute store!! PLEASE go visit the creator is super nice ❤ they have alot of cute items!)

Plant- Tentacoo-Pant by Moxie – Fun Stuff huh?

The two items im laying on are By Tonya Restraint Works, its got alot of different features with poses, and shape fitting, just alot of cool things you can do and try out.

(Shown are Tonya’s Gothic Arch and Tonya’s Gothic Bench)

The Fountain & Shoulder pet, are other cool little items, just some fun decorative things and well sculpted, i enjoyed trying them out and i think they are fun stuff!

Fountain: Sisters of the Night by Curvasive

Shoulder Pet- Koblod -Curvasive

(the dress im wearing here is from BILO and it is offered @ The World Goth Fair, have you checked out bilo today? LOTS of mesh items!- The dress is called Manal- and its really pretty. I’m wearing truth hair, and lamb hair, and various skins)


I hope you can come check out the world goth fair before it ends it really goes to a great cause <3!


-Peace Love & Pistachios



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