I’ll Shamrock Shake You!

Hey Everyone! I want to wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Can’t you tell I love Holiday Posts? I love Love them! I worked extra hard finding different things for this post, lots of great gifts, hunts and purchases! Check it out some of these gifts, and purchases below! I hope you  Have a great happy St. Patricks Day! Be Safe!

skin: eSmEE – Peach-Dutch Touch (new!)

Lipstick: eSmEE- Dutch Touch

Hair: k/307 -Wildo

Shirt: Clover Top – (St Patricks Day Set) – Bingo

Shorts: The Sole’ Shorts  Green- R.R. (Marketplace)

Socks- Low Calf Socks- St Patrick’s Day -Bingo

Shoes: Supa Slut Stilettos- St Patricks Day- Motherfunkin (Free Marketplace)


Necklace: Classic Literature : Yummy

Glasses: Lucky Clover Glasses – ::Leo-NT::

Piercing: Good Lucky Clover- *FG*

skin: eSmEE – Peach-Dutch Touch (new!)

Hair: Kumi- Pony Tail- Dark Red Flame- Wasabi Pills (New)

Eyes-Natural Brown-Rozena

Eyeshadow: Breezy- Green-Rozena

Lipstick- Yellow- Candy Girl Lipstick – Pink Acid (market place only!) & Sex & Champagne -Pididdle

Freckles- Darker- My Ugly Dorothy

Shirt- St. Patrick’s Day Shirt – A&K (marketplace)

Collar-St Patrick’s Day (Part of Clover Top) – Bingo

Pants- Monterray – Prism (free)

Shoes- Shamrock Heels – Rag Dollz – Free (Shamrock hunt)


Mouth Clover: Lucky Clover ❤ – ::Leo-NT::

Tattoo: Lucky Clover -::Leo-NT:: (VIP Gift)

Hat: Lady O’Malley Hat- Rag Dollz (free Clover Hunt)

skin: eSmEE – Peach-Dutch Touch (new!)

Eyes-Natural Brown-Rozena

Hair: Mei Har- A&A

Eyeshadow: Breezy Green- Rozena

Lipstick: I’m Ready, I Am, – Pididdle (old hunt gift)

Dress:  St Patick’s Day Dress – A&K (marketplace)

Tights: Colleen Stockings- *Rag Dollz*

Jacket:  Biker Girl Jacket -P&P- Mesh – (Free St Patricks day Girft)

Shoes: Walking Boot- WHV – (Free St Patricks Day Hunt from P&P)


Hat: Steam Lucky Top Hat- *Rag Dollz* – (Free Clover Hunt)

Mouth Clover- +Add9 – (free)

Skin: Toni- Shamrock Skin -Oceane’s (St Patty’s Hunt)

Eyes: Dreamy Eyes-Apple Green- Oceane’s (St Patty’s Hunt)

Hair: Melrosa Hair- Green -A&A

EyeShadow: Satin Shimmery Eyeshadow- Oceane’s (St. Patty’s Day Hunt)

Lipstick:  Lucious Lips -Green- Oceane’s (St Patty’s Day Hunt)

Nail Polish:  Oceane’s Nail Poilish- ShamRock Green- Oceane’s (St Patty’s Day Hunt)

Dress: Daisy Dress- Green- Oceane’s (St Patty’s Day Hunt)

Tights: Over Knee Clover Socks- *Gfield* (free-St Patricks Day Gift)

Shoes:  Gina Mesh Clover Boots  – *Gfield* (Free St Patricks Day Gift)


Hat: St. Pat’s Hat- Oceane’s (St Patty’s Day)

Earrings: Daisy Earrings- Oceane’s (Part of Daisy Dress) (St Patty’s Day Hunt)

Bag:  Daisy Bag -Small- Green- Oceane’s (Part Of Daisy Dress) (St Patty’s Day Hunt)


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