I’m Always Late.

JulyBlog+Impromting Late night post here, Hey guys i have been so behind on my beloved blog, because of moving in rl and dealing alot of other things going on. I wanted to tell you quickly about a sweet little games and fun fair i got invited to blog called the Koreshan fair, it has games which you pay to play and you win tickets to get the prizes which include all kinds of goodies from Sn@tch and Nillabean and Floorplan and Fri.day. There are alot of free foodie things there so please go check it out because it runs till July 15th! –~ Thanks!

Look #1

Look #2


EDC {Carnival} -Dance Till The Morning Sun


Hey guys i wanted to post a fun theme today, these looks are based of the Electric Daisy Carnival, which is a 3 day dance, concert, rave kinda thing! This will be my last blog post for 2 weeks as i prepare to move in real life, and to another city ❤ so i hope you enjoy and have a great memorial day ❤

{sponsors note, i will be back this is just a temp break}



Look #1




*Content Used With Permission From The Creator



  •  {*Skin}-Sara Skin- [ Carmel]- FAKE (from previous SL fashion Week)
    {*Eyes}-Look Eyes- Clear [ Big] –Amacci
  • {*Eyeshadow}-Intense Eyeshadow-[01 & 03]- Pink Acid
  • {*Eyeliner}-Metallic Eyeliner-Sea Green-Pink Acid
  • {*Eyelashes}- Fiercely natural  [02] – Pink Acid
  • {*Lipstick}-Candy Girl Lipstick- [Pink] –Pink Acid
  • {Hair}- Jonae Curls –[black] –Unorthodox(from previous Fifty Linden Friday)
  • {Bra}- Spiked Bra [white] –whaTever
  • {Top}-Motel  Dani Top [Pink] –Paperbag.
  • {*Skirt}- Sunny TuTu-[seafoam]- Sn@tch (New)
  • {Sneakers}- Magnetized Sneakers – [ Cream & White] –BALKANIK2.0
  • {*Necklace} – Rivet Necklace- [Gold]- 7891 (NEW)
  • {Earrings}- Opal Giselle [ Pink] –Maxi Gossamer
  • {Wings}-Rainbow- Butterfly Wings- .:: PaPiLLoN Design ::. (Free)
  • {Tattoo} – Grabby Body Paint-.DN.(10 Lindens)
  • {Crown}- Natures Crown [Neon Mix] –Boom (from previous arcade Gatcha)


*Content Used With Permission From The Creator



Nut’s About Fashion <3's The Catnip Carnival



Hey guys, tonight i’m blogging about a really great cause: Avatar’s for Animals. Which was started by Harlow Heslop, she created the event which the proceeds go to help animal shelters 100% of the proceeds go to help out.
 “Avatar for Animals is a new charity event that began on May 18th and will run through the 26th. Created by Harlow Heslop, the event will benefit animal shelters.” (source Seraphim)

“Avatars for Animals main goal is to focus on small, underfunded shelters and welfare groups. That tiny back road humane society with very little pocket change, but an endless number of needy paws and hungry mouths. A small shelter, that’s overcrowded, and understaffed. The places that even a little bit of pocket change means the world to.Our first project, The Catnip Carnival, is focusing in on a small, no kill cat shelter in Louisiana, USA. The shelter is called River Cities Humane Society for Cats…They are a nonprofit shelter who live solely off of charitable donations, fundraisers, etc.”blog_TheCatnipCarnival-540x540

More information on the event can be be found @ The Catnip Carnival

Nuts about Fashion, has a personal adoption story to share my kitten Ella, was a rescue from the streets, i found her on craigslist and despite our problems she is the light of my life. I love my little ella, and am so glad to be apart of avatars for animals. I love my animal ❤ IMG_0421(this is my ella alseep <3)


{*Skin}- Miel Skin- [Peach Tone] – FAKE

{*Lipstick}- Party Pink [Matte] –Pididdle

{*Eyes}- Clear Blue Big – Look Eyes –Amacci

{*Eyeshadow}- Glitter Eye Makeup-{Candy}- Izzie’s

{*Lashes}- Fiercely Natural Eyelashes-Pink Acid

{*Hair}- Rye [Cherry Red] – LoQ Hair (NEW)

{Top}- Crop Top [White Zebra] –  Peqe    (Special For The Catnip Carnival)

{*Skirt} –  Linda- Skirt- [pink] –Sn@tch  (NEW)

{Shoes} –Lolita Espadrilles- Leopard- Gos Botique  (Special For The Catnip Carnival)

{*Earrings}- Delta- [Rose Gold] –7891

{Necklace} – The Massimo Necklace- Onyx & Gold- Jewelry by Jake

{*Pose} – Never Gonna Stop #6 – //elephante poses//

*All items were used with permission from the creator



Off By Heart





{Garage Fair 2013} I’ve admiringly been late for coverage of fairs. I’m a bit late with this one too. I am traveling a lot these days I’m on the go. I am moving in my real life to a new place and a new city. In this post there are alot of great items at the garage fair that you need to check out. The fair ends May 31st so you’ll still have time to check it out! There are just so many things going with this fair, lots of designers who are new and fresh. I really have enjoyed the variety of people who are involved in the fair, because that gives me a chance to try out things. {edit my note here: I am trying some new photo types}



{Look #1}


{*Skin} – Sara-Carmel- (Smokey Eye Makeup)- FAKE (NEW @ SL Fashion Week)

{Lipstick} – Luscious Lipgloss [nectar] –Mons

{*Eyes} – Jungle –[Green shades]  FAKE

{Hair} – Adele – [brown] –Atro Patena(discounted @ fi*Friday)

{*Shirt}-Vanilla Flower Dress- Gypsy-Chic* –(Sold Exclusive at The Garage Fair)

{*Pants} –Crayo [Mesh] Jeans –[Peach] – Even.Flow(Sold Exclusive at The Garage Fair)

{*Shoes}- Razzita- V2.1 – ..:: OPOPOP Design ::..(Sold Exclusive at The Garage Fair)

{Pose} – Ana Pose #1- Label Motion

*All times marked are donated to this blog under permission of the creator

{Look #2}

{*Skin} – Sara-Carmel- (Smokey Eye Makeup)- FAKE (NEW @ SL Fashion Week)

{*Lipstick}- Diva Lipgloss 02- Cherry Red- Pink Acid

{Lipstick} Super Shine – Lipstick- Cherry- Red –   [HCIT!]

{*Eyes} – Jungle –[Green shades]  FAKE

{Hair}  -Route 66 – [sunburn] – Vanity Hair  (NEW)

{Retro Summer Set}- Capri’s &  Tee- FATAL(Sold Exclusive at The Garage Fair)

{Shoes} –  LuLu – Red- N-Core (Free group gift)

{Earrings}  -Earring Charms- *** Just You Jewels *** (Sold Exclusive at The Garage Fair)

{*Pose} – Not Too Late #1- //elephante poses//(Sold Exclusive at The Garage Fair)


*All times marked are donated to this blog under permission of the creator

{Look #3}

{Skin}-{*Skin} – Sara-Carmel- (Smokey Eye Makeup)- FAKE (NEW @ SL Fashion Week)

{Lipstick} –Baby Lips – Pink- The Sugar Garden

{Eyes}-Star Gazer

{Hair} –W-ait-(Pack #02) – Magika ($150L’s Special going on now)

{Bodysuit} – Candy Land- .::Odysseus::.( Previous release Fifty Five Liden Friday) 

{*Skirt}- Skater Skirt-Lemonade-::215 Couture:: (Sold Exclusive at The Garage Fair)

{*Shoes} – Floral- Second Hand- Sneakers- Even.Flo(Sold Exclusive at The Garage Fair)

{*Bracelets} – Square Fact Bangles – Rose Gold-7891 (previous release for life of style)

{*Necklace}- Panacea Necklace-Gold- 7891 (New for Stuff In Stock)

{*Pose} – Model-87- #3 – ::Focus Poses::

*All times marked are donated to this blog under permission of the creator


You’ll remember this, when your’e alone.



Hey guys back with anoter fun filled post about world goth fair *and featuring garage fair too* there are so many funy things being used in this post, i really hope that you enjoy taking a look, see i told you i’m getting better at this photography thing? huh?




{*Skin}- Astrali [rapture] [intense] – [Plastik] (Featured Exclusively at World Goth Fair )

{*Eyes}- Pluto- Starseed- .{Rue}.-(Featured Exclusively at World Goth Fair )

{*Lipstick}- Witches Gloss V2-03 – Pink Acid

{Hair}-Gattina – Reds #03- Truth (NEW)

{Corset/Dress}- Mini White & Purple- RoTtEn DeFiAnCe – (Featured Exclusively at World Goth Fair )

{*Shoes}-Razzita V2.2 (MESH) – ..:: OPOPOP Design ::.. (Featured Exclusively at The Garage Fair )

{*Horns} –Necormancer’s Horns (Red Stripped) – +Half-Deer+-( Featured Exclusively at World Goth Fair )

{*Necklace}- Bone Cross Garnet Pendant- !Chaos, Panic, & Disorder!(Featured Exclusively at World Goth Fair )

{*Piercing}- Division – .:Ellabella.: (Featured Exclusively at World Goth Fair )

{Pose} – Frozen Model 53 & Frozen Model 54- [Frozen]  (Discounted at Stuff In Stock)


*All items marked with a * care c/o of the creator






Hey guys how are you? Im sorry i’ve been MIA i’ve been so busy getting ready to move /and working / and other things. Tonight Im posting items Brand New from the World Goth Fair (as you know i took part last year). This year i have tried some different things and i am excited to show you more from the fair. For those of you who are new and dont know what World Goth Fair is, its a fair celebrating the love of Gothic features, with all kinds of items, and the great thing about the fair is a proceed goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  for more information and including where to go for the fair please check out the informational site WORLD GOTH FAIR   enjoy the posting ❤


{*Skin} – Fuyu Skin- [Costume Ball Edition] – Izzie’s (Previously from The Costume Ball)

{*Lipstick}- Dark Red Lipstick –Izzie’s (Previously from The Costume Ball)

{Eyes}-Cat Eyes- Blue- .{PSYCHO:Byts}

{*Eye shadow}-Gothique Glitter – Purple Glitter ::~Songbird~:: (Featured Exclusively at World Goth Fair )

{*Piercing}- Division – .:Ellabella.: (Featured Exclusively at World Goth Fair )

{Hair}- Rana-Black-Mr & Miss C(Discounted at Stuff In Stock)

{*Bodysuit] – Lucretia Bodysuit – White- [ SAKIDE ]-(Featured Exclusively at World Goth Fair )

{*Shoes}-Diavola Shoes- Red- Bliensen + MaiTai -(Featured Exclusively at World Goth Fair )

{*Earrings}- Bat Earrings- Purple – –Squeek!– (Featured Exclusively at World Goth Fair )

{*Necklace}- Luna Silly Crow –Bliensen + MaiTai -(Featured Exclusively at World Goth Fair )

{*Pose} – King Of Anything #1 – //elephante poses// (Previous round of Perfect Wardrobe)


All Items with a * are c/o of the creator


fiona   Fiona2   fiomaa

Here again trying out some ideas for my blogging different ways. 

Today i am blogging about a brand new skin, that .::WOW::. just released. It’s a very simply pretty skin called “Fiona” that Comes in a Milky Tone. Its a pretty skin with simple lips! Go Check it out!! I am also wearing a cute little top from  1 Hundred it comes in a variety of colors i picked out a mint color to match the cute new  /Wasabi Pills/ Hair now at Fameshed! Come check out all these great items ❤


{*Skin}- Fiona –Milk – .::WoW::. (NEW)

{*Eyes}-Cat Eyes-Blue – .{PSYCHO:Byts} (NEW)

{Hair}- Sunny Hair –Jellyfish- /Wasabi Pills/ (New Available at Fameshed)

{*Top}- Darling Babydoll- Mint- {includes underwear} –  1 Hundred (NEW) 

{Pose} – OOO Home #6- oOo Studio

xoxo poly